Pobal na hÉireann


Ráiteasaí Nuachta
Ord Sóisialta
Ceannaigh Earrai Éireannach

Will you answer Ireland's call?

This manifesto is the answer to Ireland's problems. It needs men and women of courage, integrity, and ability, to implement it. Have YOU got what it takes?

Pobal na h-Eireann

( Founded on Monday, 22 May 1978 )



Our aims are:-

1. To establish a just society in Ireland based on Catholic Social Principles.
2. To uphold and promote morality and the common good.
3. To promote the restoration of the Irish High Kingship.
4. To support the restoration of the Tridentine Mass.
5. To encourage all aspects of Irish National Culture and true Irish Separatist Traditions.
6. To help achieve Irish National Independence.
7. To encourage, by suitable measures, the Increase of the population of Ireland to ten million people.
8. To provide the Irish People with an independent Irish National Currency.

We are implacably opposed to:-

1. Separation of Church and State, but not where this conflicts with Catholic Teaching.
2. Modernism, Liberalism, and Naturalism.
3. Communism and Freemasonry.
4. Divorce, Abortion, Sterilization, Contraceptives and Euthanasia.
5. Foreign ownership of Irish land and natural wealth, which we believe should be distributed as widely as possible among Irish nationals.
6. Foreign control of Ireland's industry, commerce or trade unions and usury.
We favour a modern development of the medieval guilds.
7. Membership of the European Union in so far where policies harmful to our best interests can be imposed upon us.
8. Immigration of foreigners into Ireland.
(Genuine refugees will be admitted in conformity with Catholic teaching and insofar as our national resources allow.)

ELECTIONS: We shall contest elections when and where we consider this is appropriate.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open to Irish Nationals, 18 years of age and upwards who agree with our aims, and who are willing to work under our leadership to achieve them.

It is our intention to organise on an all-Ireland basis.

GUIDELINES: No one has the moral right to make laws that conflict with God's Laws. The end does not justify the use of immoral means.

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